About Me and My Blog

I am a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, friend and who ever else I am. I have been married for thirty-one years to my best friend, Greg. We live in a small town in East Texas. I am the FCS County Extension Agent. I enjoy sewing, camping, gardening, spending time with family, traveling, riding with Greg on his motorcycle. I am learning about beekeeping, soapmaking, rainwater catchment and other farmish type activities.
The name of my blog comes from a sermon I heard once about a time when Paul had been arrested and was being taken to Rome as a prisoner. The ship, on which he traveled found safe harbor, for the winter, at a place called Fairhaven. The captain of the ship wasn't content with staying so he set sail again and later was ship wrecked. I apply this to my life in that I want to be content with where God has me and what he has for me. If I am not I may end up like the ship that carried Paul, shipwrecked.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Toppy and Jeanette

Here is a picture of Toppy and Jeanette McLemore. Toppy is Greg's bestfriend and he was bestman in his wedding a couple of weeks ago. Jeanette has been a missionary in Irag for the last three years, she gave up all of that to come home and marry Toppy. They came over tonight and had dinner with us. We saw the pictures from their honeymoon cruise and they brought us some souveniers.
Well, it is off to bed. Courtney and Darrell are coming over for breakfast in the morning and we will open our stockings. Greg and Darrell are going to put up a motion light in our backyard. The light is solar charged and I hope it will hold a charge through all the cloudy days we are having. We thought someone was coming in our backyard and turning the dog loose, but I think he has learned to pull on the chain and his hook will come undone.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Late night in Texas

It is 2 a.m. and like a dumby I am still awake. It is Christmas night and I feel a little wired. I guess I am rebelling and staying awake late, because I don't have to go to work for over a week. I have been doing a lot of house work since the Christmas break began and I am tired. I was really sore yesterday simply from cleaning my house. That says something about how dirty my house was. I am looking forward to the day I will be able to quit my job and stay home full time. Maybe in a couple of years if the economy holds out.

In eight days Courtney will get married. I am excited for her; being a newlywed is such an exciting time of life. I think I will be sad, but I am ready for the wedding to be over. We really do like Darrell and look forward to having a "son". If I had been able to choose a husband for my daughter I can't think of anyone else I would have chosen. I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for them and their lives. The pictures are a couple of her bridal portraits.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Neat cookbook website

I have found a wonderful website in which a person can make their own cookbook online. These can be stored on the website or printed for personal use. I have for years wanted to write a cookbook of my life in food. This website has helped in the pursuit of this goal. The website is www.midwestliving.com There is a spot to select "Create a cookbook". Try it!