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I am a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, friend and who ever else I am. I have been married for thirty-one years to my best friend, Greg. We live in a small town in East Texas. I am the FCS County Extension Agent. I enjoy sewing, camping, gardening, spending time with family, traveling, riding with Greg on his motorcycle. I am learning about beekeeping, soapmaking, rainwater catchment and other farmish type activities.
The name of my blog comes from a sermon I heard once about a time when Paul had been arrested and was being taken to Rome as a prisoner. The ship, on which he traveled found safe harbor, for the winter, at a place called Fairhaven. The captain of the ship wasn't content with staying so he set sail again and later was ship wrecked. I apply this to my life in that I want to be content with where God has me and what he has for me. If I am not I may end up like the ship that carried Paul, shipwrecked.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


This is my scentsy warmer. I like it because if I forget to turn it off it isn't like having a candle burning unattended. It makes the living room smell very nice and there is a little light as well.
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Home Sweet Home

Thank you, Greg. After several years he put in my new faucet. He also installed a water filter under the sink. Now, I don't have to buy filtered water anymore. YeePee!

I worked for hours today cleaning off the top of my kitchen counter. It looks so nice I hate to do any work because it will get dirty again. I know, I know, I just need to clean up after I make a mess.

Greg and I are doing Herbalife and this is my shake station.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last weekend on our way home from San Antonio, we went to Beaumont to Susan's birthday party at Carabas.
The whole group.
James and Billie Jean
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Sean's party

Sean wearing the hat Courtney made
About to open presents
He didn't quite know how to act with everyone sing and looking at him.
Tasty cupcake. Thanks, mom.
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In downtown San Antonio eating the Friday night before Sean's party.

Greg and me.

Sean and Boompa.
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Trip to San Antonio Oct. 22-24

These are Sean' precious little toes.

Learning to walk
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Picnic and chickens

Greg and I went for a motorcycle ride a couple of weekends ago. We stopped at a roadside park to have a picnic. Lake Sam Rayburn can barely be seen in the far distance.

One day when I pulled up at home my chickens were on the front steps.
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Sean at the pumpkin patch in San Antonio. I love the one in the middle where he is smiling and watching the ground as he crawls.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

It's already November

On November 23, Courtney will be 26 years old. This past weekend we were in San Antonio for her little boys first birthday. I was trying to rock him to sleep one day, as he tossed and turned fighting sleep, I had a flashback to when Courtney was that age. She never wanted to slow down long enough to sleep, especially when it was light outside.

The years have gone by so very fast, but they have been very good years. I must admit there a few things I would have liked not to have happened, but over all it has all been very good. Thank you, Lord.

Years ago I started a tradition of giving Courtney a birthday present each day for a week before her birthday. I thought now that she is married and has her own baby that I would stop. It is hard to stop a tradition, so on the 16th I will start giving Courtney her presents. I will have to send them all to her at once, individually wrapped and she can open one a day. She never was a peeker, but I'm not sure about Darrell.