About Me and My Blog

I am a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, friend and who ever else I am. I have been married for thirty-one years to my best friend, Greg. We live in a small town in East Texas. I am the FCS County Extension Agent. I enjoy sewing, camping, gardening, spending time with family, traveling, riding with Greg on his motorcycle. I am learning about beekeeping, soapmaking, rainwater catchment and other farmish type activities.
The name of my blog comes from a sermon I heard once about a time when Paul had been arrested and was being taken to Rome as a prisoner. The ship, on which he traveled found safe harbor, for the winter, at a place called Fairhaven. The captain of the ship wasn't content with staying so he set sail again and later was ship wrecked. I apply this to my life in that I want to be content with where God has me and what he has for me. If I am not I may end up like the ship that carried Paul, shipwrecked.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Greg's new truck

This is Greg's new truck. We went and got it Saturday. I have been driving it this week, but next week his business insurance rolls over from his old truck and he will take over the drivers seat.
He is passing his old truck to me which is fine. The car below is what I have been driving, a 1993 Honda, so, a 2002 truck will be an improvement.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring in my yard

Bluebonnet Azalea
Oops, pepper
Something else
Clover flower Dogwood tree

Mike and Linda Haley's truck

The DPS officer told them if they had been in a newer vehicle they probably wouldn't have made it.
Though Mike was belted in he still hit the steering wheel. Notice how the outer edges of the steering wheel are folded back. Everything on his body that went around the center column broke, that's why he has so many broken ribs.

Thursday, March 5, Mike and Linda had a head on collision and thank the Lord they both survived. Last we heard Linda had a broken rib and foot. She had an appointment with a specialist today. We saw Mike Saturday in the hospital. He is out of ICU, but in a lot of pain. I don't think I have ever seen someone in so much pain, but he told me it was better than it had been. He has all but two ribs broken, a laceration on his intestine and a bruised liver. He had a horrible gash on his forehead and part of his scull was missing ,but it did not get to his brain.
He was grateful for the accident though, because they found an aneurysm that they wouldn't have found it it hadn't happened.

The accident happened on the farm to market road that goes from Burkeville to Toledo Bend. They were coming around a curve and there was a car in their lane. At that point they could not see a driver. The lady in the car was bent over looking for her chap stick. Mike swerved to her side of the road to miss her and at that instant she raised up and jerked back to her lane. Seeing this Mike headed for the ditch and so did she. They hit head on in the ditch.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The latest news

This was Greg's snack the other night. I prefer using our camping coffee pot so I can brew it to our taste. The electric pot just brews it the way it wants to.

The two pictures below are what we had for supper Monday night.
This is a potato salad like Mrs. Pearson makes. New potatoes are boiled and then you add lemon juice, olive oil, green onions, and mint. The mint, I grew myself.

These are greens I grew in my yard. I think they are mustard greens. It is exciting to eat something I grew myself.

I went to Tyler last night and spent the night with Courtney and Darrell. She wanted me to go somewhere with her. It is a secret, but if you look at the sign it may give you a hint. In case it is to small to read it says "Stork Parking".